Friday, November 25, 2011

A video message from Santa

I stumbled upon a website called MagicSanta. It is a place that you can create a FREE video message from Santa for your child(ren).  You can add your child's name, photo and etc. Oh, and you can choose/add standard scripts that will be said by Santa as well.  Since my oldest daughter learned how to ride a bike this Summer, I choose a script, "You learned to ride a bicycle". 

Once you are done, you can review your video and you will receive a final video link via email. I've already received my final video link and showed my oldest the video yesterday.  My daughter really believed that Santa made a special video message for her. It was very realistic as if Santa was really talking to her. She was so amazed about how Santa knew what she has accomplished this year.

I highly recommend everyone to visit and make your own special video message from Santa for your child(ren). My husband and I truly enjoyed watching our 7 year old's face lit up and happy by watching this video message from Santa. It is totally FREE and will not cost you anything. Enjoy!

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