Friday, December 9, 2011

I Love L-Bow Mittens & Gloves

My oldest wearing L-Bow Mittens. (4 years ago)
When my oldest daughter was little, I used to get frustrated the fact that the snow used to get into her winter gloves. Well, I researched around and found a product called L-Bow Mittens. It is a pair of mittens that cover all the way up to your child's elbows. Just look at my daughter's picture wearing them. I purchased a toddler size L-Bow Mittens 4 years ago and absolutely loved them. They kept my daughter warm & no snow getting inside of her mittens.

Mittens are still in a great shape.
My oldest has out grown these L-Bow Mittens and my youngest daughter will be wearing them this winter season. Even after 4 years of use, these mittens are still in a perfect shape.

I searched L-Bow brand products this morning online. I was able to purchase a new pair of L-Bow Gloves for my oldest daughter. The L-Bow mittens($19.99) / L-Bow gloves($24.99) are a bit expensive, but I rather have something that keeps my daughters' hands warm for their outdoor play in the snow. Based on my own personal experience, I highly recommend L-Bow mittens / L-Bow gloves to anyone!

I shopped through Ebates today and saved extra money on this purchase.  I  Logged-in Ebates, then went to Gander Mountain. (I got 3% cash back plus Free shipping on any order) also carries them as well. However, shipping estimate was around $7.75. I tried to shop through other sites, but shipping fees were over $8. After calculating each of the store's final check out price including taxes, Gander Mountain via Ebates had the best deal. If you are looking for a great pair of mittens/gloves for your child, check out L-Bow Mittens/Gloves@Gander Mountain via Ebates today! Happy Savings!

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  1. Someone got these gloves for my kids a few years ago..they were great! no snow got in and they couln't take them off or they didn't fall off! their hands stayed warm.

  2. momto8-Yes, they are absolutely great! I really love L-Bow mittens/gloves. I'm happy to hear that you had a positive experience with your L-Bow gloves:-)