Money Saving Tips

Savings on my Silhouette Cameo purchase

My new Silhouette Cameo!  I finally broke down and purchased a brand new Silhouette Cameo cutting machine about two weeks ago.  I wanted to save as much as I could, so here is how I made my purchase. Basically, I went to Ebates first to see if there were any coupons available.  I found a coupon link to […]

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Neglecting my blog….

I have been neglecting this blog for a while…. There were so many personal issues. The past few months have been very tough on me and my family but I think things are starting to get back to normal. Lately, I haven’t had much time taking care of my online business. However, I am still […]

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My Life

My items sold!

I had 2 things listed on my Etsy shop, 0525 Designs and they got sold!!!! Yay! Of all the things happening in my life, these successful transactions made my day.  My shop is empty now and I need to add more items.  I will be creating more handmade / digital graphic things to keep myself […]

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