Sunday, June 9, 2013

Get your Free Pepsi Next!

A Free Pepsi Next Coupon I received in my mail:-) 
This offer has ended. 
Do you want to get a FREE bottle of Pepsi Next? If so, just visit Spin the wheel of levy! You may have to watch a short clip, but there is a wheel at the bottom of the site. Just click on a pepsi can to spin the wheel!  Once you spin, it should ask you for your mailing address to fill out. You will get a coupon good for 1 Free Pepsi Next 2 liter bottle.  

Visit the site for more detailed info.      

I received my coupon within about 2-3 weeks after I visited the site. I picked up my free Pepsi Next at the local store and it was great!!!  As of today, this offer is still good. My mother got hers today! Good luck everyone:-) 

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  1. I hope that everyone gets their free pepsi next!