Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Loom Knitting

My oldest and I enjoy loom knitting. We always get compliments on the hats that we make and wear. These are the slouchy hats (see the photo’s) that we have made so far this year. We gave some away as birthday gifts to friends & family as well. Sometimes, people ask us if we are selling them. However, I often need to decline requests.  I wish I could sell hats, but I have been dealing with arthritis-like symptoms / pain in my fingers, so it’s very difficult for me to make a ton of hats. My oldest can loom knit, but she is busy with her homework, piano & violin practices for school. We only loom knit hat as our hobby.  If you are into DIY, try making your own loom knitted hats. It is very easy and many tutorials videos are found on YouTube. You may even be able to make some extra income out of selling your own hats! Good luck! 

Happy Loom Knitting Everyone! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

I Love CanvasPop!

I was given a great opportunity to have my precious dog’s photo printed on a canvas. I was approached by a company called CanvasPop and they provided me with a complimentary canvas print to tryout their services & product. I’ve always wanted to have my photos and art canvas printed to decorate my wall. However, I was always nervous about how the final print would come out. I’m very thankful that CanvasPop gave me the opportunity to test print my photo. From the beginning to the end, CanvasPop was very courteous, helpful and provided me with amazing customer service. They definitely take pride in their products and services. 

My canvas print arrived on Wednesday night. The canvas was neatly packaged, I loved their heart sticker on the package stating “Made with Love”. Awww, it made me feel loved! So sweet. When I opened the package, I was amazed at the print quality. As you can see from my photos it came exactly as the source file. I hung the canvas in my office and it looks perfect. 

My Original Photo

The customer experience representative, Linda, assisted me with ordering my canvas. She was very helpful / knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Originally, they offered me a 16x20 stretched canvas print, but when I sent my photo, she recommended a better suited canvas size for my photo. She replied with a larger 16x24 size. I was impressed with her reply because I know that the most online companies would not consider aspect ratio. Normally, the customer is responsible for the image quality and proofing an automated layout. CanvasPop actually had their designer inspect my photo to make sure that everything was correct to get the best quality printed canvas possible. I’m impressed that CanvasPop is actually taking the time for quality assurance, which most other online companies are lacking in my opinion. On back of the canvas, it was signed by a person named Pat, who hand crafted my canvas. That’s a great personal touch. 

CanvasPop has provided me with a special discount code to share with my readers. If you are interested in printing your own photo or art on a canvas or framed prints, I highly highly recommend purchasing from CanvasPop. Use this special 35% off coupon code: POPPINCENTS35  Please note that this coupon code cannot be combined with any other discounts, and is restricted to orders shipping within Canada and the USA. The coupon code is good until December 31, 2015 to purchase your amazing print(s). Everything I experienced via CanvasPop was very positive. Once again, their customer service and quality of the canvas were superb. CanvasPop will not let you down! 

Thank you CanvasPop for providing me with an amazing canvas print and service! I’m going to purchase canvas prints from you in the future. You have earned a loyal customer. Thanks for the great experience. 

If you would like to learn more about CanvasPop, please visit their website & social media links listed below:

Monday, November 9, 2015

My husband's second job

My husband has become an Uber driver over the weekend. I was a bit worried, but so far so good. He had a great experience. Just to get a feel of it, he gave 3 rides on Saturday. He usually works from home all the time sitting in front of the computer, so he actually enjoyed getting out and talking with Uber riders. If you are looking to earn some extra income, this might be a great side job. As always, please do your own research before signing up with any apps or website. My husband is happy with his experience using Uber  but your experience maybe totally different than his. 

Happy Driving & Earning Extra Income!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Purple and Nine: A great comic for tween girls!

My 11 year old had great opportunity to read & review "Purple and Nine” Vol. 1 issue 1 & Vol. 1 issue 2 comic books today provided by Gangly Sister. Thank you Gangly Sister for this opportunity. While my daughter was reading these comics, I heard giggles, and I saw my daughter really getting into them. When she was done reading, I saw her with a big smile. Then I asked her if she is interested in reading it’s 3rd issue, she immediately replied with an answer, “YES!”.  

I was thrilled to hear her say that she enjoyed these comic books. In college I was in the STEMS program. I truly believe that a comic book like Purple & Nine would help girls to consider field in STEMS. Since this book is geared towards girls ages 8-12,  I asked my daughter to give me a quick review of the books

My daughter wrote: 
"The comic book, Purple and Nine,  is very educational and has made me consider the technology and science field. When people need help, Purple and Nine put people before themselves and do everything they can to solve their issue. When trying to solve the issue, it takes a lot of science and technology like the Gravitylight and the Luminad. The solutions to the problems are healthy to the Earth and help prevent later problems in the future.
In both books the problems were realistic. They could actually happen. Purple and Nine set out to solve those issues to help people. They are both good role models to kids my age and show that anyone can make a difference.

I think kids my age would enjoy this book. It has a good message and makes kids think about other places or people in the world and their town or city. Purple and Nine is a very good comic and is a good choice for kids my age to read.  It was a fun read. "

As a mother of two girls, I believe that girls need positive encouragement towards their future goals. I believe that this comic will definitely help girls out there to pursue their goals in STEM after reading Purple and Nine. At least my daughter was persuaded by it after reading the comics. Two thumbs up from me. 

If your girls are interested in reading Purple and Nine’s first 3 issues, they are available for a purchase via 

You can also watch Purple and Nine's cartoon episode on youtube:

Happy Reading Everyone! 

Please read the press release for more information about Purple and Nine below:

Purple and Nine, a comic about two girls who solve problems through tech, releases first 3 issues today

Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15, 2015:  Gangly Sister announces the release of Purple and Nine, a comic book featuring non-geeks who love science and technology. The mission of Gangly Sister is to encourage girls in STEM and to transform how girls are portrayed in the media.

“Everybody knows that if you dress fashionably, you can’t be that smart,” said CEO Rebecca Rachmany when interviewed from her home office, to which she regularly wears gym clothes. “We wanted to do something ridiculous—like having girls who enjoy inventing things, and having characters who are intelligent and also have great social skills.”

The comics themselves are outrageous. There’s no violence or sex in any of them. The 10-year-old characters are neither frighteningly thin, nor do they have large bosoms. The characters are also oddly multi-dimensional and don’t fall into categories children relate to like “mean girl,” “geek”, “popular kid”, “jock”, or “social reject”.

Rather the characters, two girls named Purple and Nine, spend most of their time trying to figure out how to help their fellow classmates using a variety of technologies, most of which really exist. Unlike dumbed-down science programs to show girls they “can do it”, the comic books are somewhat sophisticated, assuming that children of both genders have fully functional brains.

“How many princess stories can you read?” asks protagonist Nine Helix. “And why don’t any of the girls in books and movies have a best friend? It’s just weird. Purple and I decided even we could write a better comic book than the ones where they go shopping and get a boyfriend. Yuk.”

“Actually, this was just another one of Nine’s crazy ideas,” claims Purple Isosceles, Nine’s best friend. “When Nine’s mouth opens, which is often, it usually means I’m going to do some big robotics project and Ferret is going to make a mess, filing my room with every technology known to man. Don’t tell my parents about the Ferret. Or the mess. They are going to totally have a hairy when they find out about this.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Coca-Cola Life Review

I’m happy to say that I’ve received another BzzAgent opportunity to try a free new product. This time it’s Coca-Cola Life.  My husband and I are coke zero drinkers so I was excited to try a more natural alternative. It came in a cute little classic bottle. I first put it in the refrigerator so that I could enjoy it cold. When I opened it, it looked like any other coke, but it certainly tasted a bit different. To me, this coke had less sweetness compared to other coke products. However, it was just the right sweetness for me. I really enjoyed it. I love the fact that coca-cola life is made with the genuinely sweet combination of cane sugar and stevia leaf extract. I love anything that contains natural ingredients.  Another thing that I noticed was that Coca-Cola Life had lees carbonation. It was in a glass bottle and I think that it caused it to have a less carbonation than a regular coke in a can. Overall, my impression of  Coca-Cola Life was very positive. It was a nice refreshing drink to have while I was outside watching my children play on a nice sunny day. If you have a chance, I highly recommend you to try a sip of Coca-Cola Life on a nice sunny day! Have fun, Relax and Enjoy Coca-Cola Life! 

Although I received this product for a free of charge via,  this review is based on 100% based on my own experience and opinion. I had an amazing experience with this product, but please understand that your experience with this product may differ from my experience. You must use your own discretion when you try out a new product. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Feeling lucky

My little one found a four-leaf clover!  This is her first time finding one, so she was thrilled! She feels lucky and very special. This is one of the fun and free activities we did as a family during the summer break! It didn't cost us anything and my girls had a blast hunting for four-leaf clovers:)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thank you Sun-Maid!

Thank you Sun-Maid!  I received my book, “The Grouchy Ladybug", that I won back in April through your Snack 'N' Read sweepstakes:)   My little girl is happy. I’m going to bake some oatmeal raisin cookies for snack and enjoy some reading time with my little one. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

I won a book from Sun Maid Snack 'n’ Read #Sweepstakes

I have been entering into Sun Maid's  Snack “n’ Read Sweepstakes once a day for the last several weeks. I was starting to think that I will not win, but I kept telling myself to think positive and I will win. Well, I finally won last week!!!!  Hurray! I won a copy of "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle. My youngest daughter loves books, so she was very excited when I told her that I won a book. I received a confirmation email from them stating that it will be shipped to my address that I entered and it will take up to 8 weeks for delivery. If you are interested in entering, visit for more details.  This Sweepstakes ends 5/23/2015, so you still have a chance to win. Keep thinking positive like I did. I hope that some of you can win a book or their weekly prize pack.

Good luck everyone!

A screenshot of an email confirmation that I received from Sun Maid. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Savings Day #MoneySavingTips

Yesterday was a good day for me. First, I found a coupon for $3 OFF ANY TWO (2) BOXES OF STARBUCKS® K-CUP® PACKS (10 ct. or larger)  from Smartsource and printed it out. It is still available, so you can get it too. Visit to get your couponThen I headed over to cvs since Starbucks K-cup coffee are on sale this week for $6.99. After using my $3 coupon, my total came to ($6.99 X 2) - $3 = $10.98

While I was at cvs, I also checked my FieldAgent App to see if there were any jobs available. Lucky me, I was able to snag a quick job. It was easy and I completed my job within three minutes, checked out, came home and I’ve already got paid $5 for my FieldAgent job. Love it! 
My job was approved immediately

I also received $20 worth of surprise points that I can use for Kmart toys from yesterday. I just had to purchase $30 worth of qualified Kmart toys. I’ve already shopped through Kmart site and was able to order the qualified items. I ordered LEGO Movie Wyldstyle Clock retail priced $24.99 and Lego Ninjago Jungle Trap retail priced $6.99. My subtotal was $31.98 then I used the surprise points for $20 and a few points from my account. After my discounts, my final total came down to $12.69 including tax. I also received $0.96 back from Ebates so in the end, I basically paid $11.73 out of my pocket for this purchase. 

I picked up Ninjago from my local Kmart.
Wyldstyle Clock is being shipped to my home for free:)

I know it sounds crazy, but I'm basically starting my Christmas 2015 shopping for my children now. I also donate some of the toys that I get free / purchase at bargain prices to a local organization around Christmas time. I hope that the way I save on my purchases helps others to save as well. 

Happy Savings! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Let’s help monarch butterflies!

My girls and I pledged to a good cause called Butterfly Heroes via National Wildlife Federation. It is free, educational and helps the monarch butterfly. I’ve signed up with my little one's picture making the butterfly word in American Sign Language. If you pledge by May 15, 2015, you will receive a free Butterfly Garden Starter Kit(while supplies last) that helps you to start a monarch habitat garden. You can enter as a classroom/school or an individual. It’s great for teachers to use as one of their teaching tools. If you pledge as an individual / family, you’ll be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to Disney. Let’s help out monarch butterflies by planting their food in your garden. For more detailed information, please visit the link below:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

15 Free apps and websites I use to earn extra income and Save extra money

Ibotta - my favorite! Pick your coupons, purchase your items, submit your receipt. Easy! Opportunity to invite your family and friends to sign up and you can earn bonuses! My lifetime cash back: $304.90 since April 2013. Please join through my link by following my link here, redeem a rebate in the first 2 weeks and you'll earn an extra Bonus.

Shopmium - I've just started using this app and so far so good. Sign up using my referral code and you can get 100% money back on a delicious Lindt chocolate!!!! Yes, that's a free chocolate! You purchase it at your local store, submit your receipt, rate it and they will give your money back via PayPal. What I like about this site is that they don't have a minimum payout restriction. They pretty much pay you right away after your submission gets approved. Head over to then please sign up with my referral code KAHMCUFK.  

ShopKick - Walk-in to certain stores and earn points. Scan products that they ask you to scan to earn points. It’s very easy! You can exchange your points into a digital gift cards. I’ve earned 6 gift cards so far by just doing my normal grocery shopping and scan! Love it! Please follow my referral link  I greatly appreciate you following my link! Thank you!!!!! 

Ebates - Do your online shopping through Ebates to get anywhere from 1% ~ 10% (sometimes more) of cash back on your purchases.  If you don’t have an Ebates account, you can sign up by clicking here. I would appreciate if you follow my link since I do get credit for referring friends:) Thank you! *You will receive a sign up bonus after your first $25 purchase via EbatesMy lifetime cash back so far is $336.91. I appreciate you following my link, Thank you!

Snap by Groupon Digital coupon rebate app. I've just started using this app last month. Can't really say much about it, but it's working fine so far. Cash out amount for this app is $20. I've redeemed several coupons and have $6.55 in my account. Not many coupon offers compared to ibotta. I also noticed that coupon offers disappear quickly. Please follow my referral link  Thank you and I appreciate you following my link!

Receipt Hog - Just snap a picture of your grocery shopping receipt! It may take a while to reach the minimum coin amount for cashing out, but hey it's free! They do give you free coin spins that could possibly give you extra coins. I've cashed out several times and have had no issues with this app. When you sign up, please use my referral code: rict7840  We’ll both get extra spins at the Hog Slots when you submit your first receipt. Thank you for using my referral code! 

CheckOut 51 - Digital coupon app. I’ve been using this app for awhile, but I haven’t been able to cash out yet because it has a minimum amount of $20 to cash out. So far I haven’t had any major issues with this app and I have $15 in my account. I have $5 to go to cash out. It seems forever to reach $20, but it is free so I just have to be patient. Supposedly, this app will send you a check to your address once you cash out $20. I’ll have to see and will write an update on this once I receive my first check from them.

SwagBucks  - I usually answer their daily survey to get 2 points. If I have time, I answer surveys, print coupons from them to use, search, watch videos and etc. to earn more points. It all depends on how you want to earn your points and how much time you want to spend on SwagBucks time. I usually try to earn at least 17 points each day. 17points X 30 days =510 points. You can exchange 500 points to a free $5 gift card.  Or earn 10 points each day. 10 points x 30 days = 300 points. You can exchange 300 points to $3 gift card. I’ve been a SwagBucks member for awhile, but really didn’t start doing things on this site until November 2014. Since then, I’ve received $33 in gift cards. I love free stuff:) It really depends on how much you want to spend time. Warning! Be careful about their offers where you have to pay to sign up or purchase to earn points. I’d stick with surveys, watching videos, coupons, searches and etc. Thank you for following my link. 

I received six $5 gift cards and one $3 gift card from SwagBucks 

InboxDollarsRead email to earn money. You have to have patience for this site. It doesn’t give you quick money. I think I get $0.02 to open each email. Warning! Be careful about their offers where you have to pay to sign up or purchase to earn money. I’d stick with reading email, surveys, watching videos, coupons, searches and etc. It is a good idea to have an email account just for this site or any other money making sites. I have a separate account especially for websites like this so that my personal email doesn’t get flooded with unwanted emails. They will send your check once your account reaches $30. However, they will take $3 service fee that will be put back to your account, so you’ll get $27 check from them or however much money you have accumulated over $30. Thank you for following my referral link! I greatly appreciate it! 

My payment history from InboxDollars

FieldAgent - I love this app! Mystery shopping, store audits, surveys and product testing /review. I've received over $300 worth of free products from this app! They ship products to my home. I use it, answer questions and I get to keep the products. My Lifetime earnings: $391.51 (lifetime earning amount does not include free products that I received and kept for product reviews)

Loot! - Take pictures, post on Twitter / Facebook and etc. Easy! They have fun tasks for you to do and yes, they will pay you! You can cash out via PayPal when your account reaches $10. I've been using it since October 2014 and made over $40

EasyShift - I’m not a big fan of this app just because I don’t really see the jobs that I would like to take. However, I’ve made $36.50 from this app. I guess you get more shift jobs based on where you live. Sometimes other shifters take up all the jobs, so you may not have a chance to reserve your shift jobs, but try it and see what happens. You may have better luck than I do using this app:)

SavingStar - digital coupon app! Just like other apps, pick your coupon, submit your receipt or have your store royalty card saved on your account. Every Friday SavingStar offers 100% money back on one product:) I look forward to getting a free product every Friday! Their coupon offers are pretty good too! My lifetime cash back from SavingStar is $53.39!

Kroger - If you are Kroger shopper, you must have their app! Download coupons to your account. Kroger also gives one free item every Friday, but you must download the coupon for they particular item that they are offering free to your card only on Friday to get your freebie. By the way, I received  one Tostitos dipetizers for free last Friday:)

Jiffy corn muffin mix got it free via SavingStar on 4/10/2015
Tostitos diptizers got it free via Kroger on 4/10/2015

I’m still trying to figure how ShopYourWay works….signing up is free, they send you surprise points from time to time. Some surprise points have restrictions, some don’t. Just look at the pictures below to see free or almost free products that I received / purchased by using my surprise points. Read more about my recent savings using ShopYourWay on my precious post.

As always, I’ve had a great experience with these apps, website, however your experience may differ from mine. I would not consider these Apps / websites as your consistent source of income, but every little bit helps! Above apps / websites on this post were written / introduced based on my own experience. Always do your own research before signing up with new apps, website. This blog is not responsible for any damages that occurs through the third party apps / sites links that you click thought this blog. Please sign up with your own discretion. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

I love bargains!

I only paid $0.40 for these adorable
owl candle holders! 
Yay, I got these owl candle holders for only $1.19!!!! I love bargains. I also got $0.79 back for this purchase since I went through ebates before I headed over to the K-mart site.  Since I received Ebates money back, I actually paid $0.40 for this purchase.

Anyways, I noticed that on last Thursday I had 25000 surprise points in my ShopYourWay account for any outdoor living purchase from K-mart. (I’m pretty sure it is not for every item  because some of the items were not eligible… they have exclusions) I’m still confused about how surprise points works, but I usually make my order through online for store pick up, so that I know what product is eligible and what is not eligible by putting into my shopping cart online.

First, I went over to the Ebates website, logged into my account, used a link via Ebates to head over to the K-mart website. If you don’t have an Ebates account, you can sign up by clicking here. I would appreciate if you follow my link since I do get credit for referring friends:) Thank you! *You will receive a sign up bonus after your first $25 purchase via Ebates

Second, I shopped through K-mart online to make sure that I added qualified products for use with my points.
$0.79 cash back via Ebates for this purchase
My Kmart check-out summary

I didn’t want to go over $25, but these owls were too cute to pass up. Plus, I really couldn’t find other eligible stuff that I wanted. I also had $0.26 worth of points already in my account that was added towards this purchase in addition to free $25. I ordered one large and two small owls to decorate my outdoor space. I’ve already picked up my order from the local K-mart & Love Love Love them. Just take a look at my picture:) If you received the same surprise points as I did, head over to K-mart / K-mart online to see what you can purchase. Or if you like the owls I purchased, these are definitely eligible for purchase with the points for outdoor living. If you don’t have ShopYourWay account, it is absolutely FREE to sign up.

I’ve always had a great experience using ShopYourWay however, please understand that your experience may differ from mine. This blog is not affiliated with ShopYourWay or K-mart. This post was simply written by me (blog owner) based on my own experience and I thought it would be a good idea to share. Please always do your own research before signing up with a new site.

Friday, February 27, 2015

GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ Review

My BzzKit sent from BzzAgent
My girls love fruits, but when we run out of fresh fruits we usually have some sort of fruit snacks in pouches. My little one is very picky about the taste of fruit snacks in pouches. When I received a FREE box of GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ Apple Pear Carrot Flavor from BzzAgent, my girls were thrilled and they immediately tried them.

Both of my girls screamed out and said, "we love this!!!!! Get some more!". They thought that it was very tasty and they didn't even notice that carrots were one of the ingredients. They were surprised to read it on the packaging afterwards. I'm happy that my girls are happy and I'm very pleased that they are made with 100% all-natural fruits and veggies. I'm very health conscious about what my girls eat so I was happy to see that this product has no high-fructose corn syrup, GMOs, added colors, added flavors or preservatives. The 4 free pouches of GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ Apple Pear Carrot Flavor were gone in one day!!!!

I’ve already purchased 3 more boxes of GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ Apple Pear Carrot Flavor since I received my free box to try out. Those three boxes are almost gone as well. I better go back to the store to pick up more GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ soon!

I've had a great experience with GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ, but please know that my experience and your experience with this product maybe different. Although, I received this product for free of charge, I always write my honest opinion about the product based on my own experience.

My Friday Shopping Savings 2/27/15

I love freebies:) 
I took advantage of Kroger’s FREE Friday Download and SavingsStar Friday Freebie today. First, I downloaded a digital coupon to my Kroger account for one Free Mtn Dew Kickstart! Then I went to SavingStar’s site and added "Save 100% when you buy ONE (1) 1lb. box of Domino® or C&H® Brown Sugar” offer to my account.

I’ve already gone to the store and picked them up. The digital coupon for the Free Mtn Dew Kickstart is only available to download today and once it is on your account, it expires on 03/15/2015. I had to pay for the brown sugar at Kroger, but once I uploaded the receipt to SavingStar, they will credit my account for the full price of this brown sugar in 2-3 days. Once my SavingStar account reaches $5.00, I can cash out via PayPal. As a matter of fact, I've already cashed out $6.00 last week. My life time savings using SavingStar has been $43.34. If you don’t have a SavingStar account, sign up today to start saving extra cash on your grocery shopping trip. It’s free and easy. SavingStar’s today's freebie is available to redeem until Sunday, March 1, 2015, so hurry and get your freebie before it’s gone.

In addition to the above freebies, I've also done other shopping trips using Ibotta app’s digital rebate coupons. Between last week and this week, I was able to complete the extra bonuses level 1 and 2  which gave me an extra $5 in bonus money in addition to the redeemed coupons. Just a few minutes ago, I cashed out for a $10 gift card to and $16 cash out to my PayPal account. I also wanted to to let you know that Ibotta offers a lot more than the grocery coupons. They have rebate coupons for online, apparel, movie theaters and more. Two weeks ago, I used its rebate offer. I spent $100 and got $10 back:) Plus it offered free shipping so I saved a ton of money by purchasing my children’s clothing on sale. It was actually a better deal than going to the actual store. Saved my time, gas and money. If you would like to try ibotta, please follow my referral link:  I believe that I do get $2 bonus for referring people once they sign up and redeem their first rebate. I greatly appreciate you for following my link in advance. Once you sign up, you can too refer your friends and family to start earning extra bonuses for yourself as well.  My life time earnings from Ibotta is $265.50 since I joined back in April 2013. Just in this month, I’ve earned $31.25:)

As always please remember that your experience using these apps / websites may be different than what I experienced. Always do your own research before signing up with a new website / app.

Happy Savings!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I received free magazine subscriptions!

I found this site called Recyclebank back in November and tried it out myself. It’s a site that educates people about the importance of recycling. It is absolutely free to sign up. It will not cost you anything. This site offers points on certain topics regarding recycling that you read, answer questions, etc. Your accumulated points in your account can be exchanged for things like magazine subscriptions, coupons, and more at their rewards page.

I was able to get enough points in no time to exchange for a free 1 year magazine subscription to 4 magazines. At first, I wasn’t sure about how legitimate this site was, but all my magazines that I ordered have arrived at my door step without any issues. After exchanging my points for magazines, I still had more points, so I’ve also exchanged those points for a $20 off coupon code for Omaha Steak back in December. It was a great deal.

So far, I’ve learned many things regarding recycling from recycle bank that I didn’t know about before. Because of this site, I’m more conscious about things that I can be recycling in my household. If you would like to learn more about recycling, I would suggest everyone to visit recycle bank.

I do have an account with Recyclebank website, but this blog is not affiliated with Recyclebank to write this post in anyway. I’m simply writing this post based on 100% of my own experience / opinion and I thought that the information about Recyclebank is very beneficial for my blog readers. Hope this information helps. This is purely based on my own experience with Recyclebank, so please understand that my experience may differ from yours. Always do your own research before signing up with a new site.

Happy Recycling!