Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Get a Free 6" Sub with a purchase of a 30 oz. drink

My husband just got a Free 6” sub at Subway by using a  “Get A Free 6” sub when you buy a 30 oz. drink” coupon offer just by signing up via subway’s text offers! Sweet! He only paid $1.85 for his lunch today. It might only be offered in certain areas, so check it out to see if you can get this deal by visiting This offer worked out great for my husband today, but it may not work for you. As always you are responsible for your own action, please do your own research by reading Subway’s website before you sign up with their text offers. 
My husband only paid $1.85 for his lunch! 

My Savings at Kmart

Wow I have been saving a ton by shopping at Kmart. First of all, I purchased these two items from Kmart and only paid $1.54! Early last week, I’ve noticed that in my Shopyourway account, I had $5 worth of surprise points good towards 100oz tide detergent. I also noticed I had $5 worth of surprise points for women’s clothing for a purchase of $5 or more. Then, my husband gave me a $5 award card / gift card that was given to him by a total stranger while he was at Kmart. Whoever gave my husband this card, Thank You! Anyways, after applying the discount, surprise points and using award card, my total came to $1.54! Not only that, since I went through Ebates to shop at the Kmart online store, I received .50 cents cash back on this purchase. My out of pocket purchase total $1.04. I ordered online to pick them up at the store, so the shipping cost was FREE!  

My second purchase at Kmart this week was $21 and I actually received $22 back in points, sweet! I received an email and a postcard stating that members get $20 back in points when you spend $20 or more on a qualifying purchase at kmart or I guess I was purchasing the right things. I’ve got $20 plus extra $2 in points that were given by applying another coupon. I don’t know if that was supposed to happen, but it worked on the website. If you are already a member of shopyourway, you may want to check this deal out. This deal expires 1/22/16.

I am only writing this post based on my own experience. This deal perfectly worked for my purchase, but it may not work for you. Please be responsible for your own purchase using this deal. As always, they have restrictions / exclusions, so you need to read or talk to the customer rep at Kmart. 

I received this postcard in the mail.
Some people I know have a negative view towards Kmart, but I think Kmart is a great place to shop if you are looking for some ways to save. If you haven’t used Kmart’s rewards program, Shopyourway, it’s worth checking it out! 

Happy Savings Everyone. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Letters About Literature Contest!

If you have a child that loves to read and loves to write, try entering into a contest called “Letters About Literature”. It’s a contest where your child read a book & write a letter to the author (living or dead). My oldest one entered into this contest last year for the first time and she was selected as one of the semifinalists for the state of Indiana. Although she wasn’t one of the winners, it was a great honor to be selected as one of the semifinalists. As a semifinalist, my oldest was invited to attend a creative writing workshop and an awards ceremony at Indiana State Library. She had an amazing time and enjoyed every moment of it. 

Each year, Indiana Center for the Book invites a local author special guest to the ceremony. Last year’s guest speaker was author Troy Cummings. He gave an amazing speech. All of us were inspired by his speech. My girls were able to meet him and they received his autograph after the ceremony. 

This contest is sponsored by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress & by the James & Madeleine McMullan Family Foundation. Your child enter into the state level competition first. If he / she wins at the state level, then your child's letter goes onto the national level competition. There is a chance to win cash awards as well. In Indiana, if your child get selected as one of the semifinalist, he / she gets to attend a workshop, receives a free book and can attend a special award ceremony. I believe that over 1000 students entered into the contest last year in the state of Indiana and around 125 students were selected as semifinalists. Then top 3 winners were selected from the each level. (Level1: 4th - 6th grades, Level 2: 7th & 8th grades,  Level 3: 9th -12th grades).  

For the 2015-2016 contest, the Level 3 deadline have passed. However,  if you have 4th-8th graders, your child still has time to enter into the Level 1 (4th-6th grades) or Level 2(7th &8th grades) competitions. It’s absolutely FREE to enter! I just sent my daughter’s letter this morning. Your child just has to read a book and write a letter. And send it post marked by Monday, January 11th, 2016. It is not a fan letter to a book author, so make sure that you read the directions on how to write this letter by visiting the website! 

For more information, visit your state's Center for the Book’s website. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully. It also tells you how to write this letter. Teachers, this is a great way to challenge your students. You can make this as your class project. This post was primarily written for the residents of Indiana based on my child's experience entering into the contest. My child had an amazing experience, however, your experience may differ from hers. This blog is not associated with any sponsors of Letters about literature. As always, please do your own research before entering into the contest. Please be responsible for your own actions! 

For Indiana Residents: 

For other State Residents: 

Good luck every one!

My oldest received a free book, "Rise of the Balloon Goons: A Branches Book (The Notebook of Doom #1)"  We purchased a book for our little one, " Giddy-Up, Daddy! by Cummings Troy (2013-04-23) Hardcover."
Both books were autographed by the author, Troy Cummings :)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sign up with Ibotta and get $10 bonus!

Wow!  I love love the Ibotta app. Last weekend, I was able to finish up its ugly sweater bonus. I only needed to use 6 brand name Ibotta digital coupons and I received an extra $4 on top of the cash back from those coupons. Yay! This extra money actually bumped up my account total. I was able to exchange my money for a $25 Amazon gift card! So sweet! 

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It’s totally free and you get cash back for things that you buy at the stores. I’ve already received a total of $487.55 from Ibotta since I joined back in April 8, 2013. For some people, it may not seem a lot, but every little bit helps in my household. If you are looking to save money, start using Ibotta app today!

Happy Savings! 

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