Hi! My name is Akemi. I am the owner of this blog, “Poppin' Cents”.  I live right out side of Indianapolis, IN. I am a mother of 13 & 8 year old daughters,  and the wife of an IT architect. I work as a freelance graphic designer, but my main focus is to take care of my girls and make sure that their needs are met. It's hard being a mom and work at home, but I’m trying to do my best each day. 

My blog is a personal blog that talks about my way of living a frugal life. I usually write about topics such as how I save extra money, how I earn extra money, family, educational stuff, events happening in Indiana, DIY and etc. I try to offer you the latest deals about sales or coupons based on my own experience as well.  I hope that some of the things I post here can be beneficial to you. 

Happy Blogging!