About Us

Hi! My name is Akemi. I am the owner of this blog, “Poppin' Cents”. My family and I live right out side of Indianapolis, IN. I am a mother of 13 & 9 year old daughters, and the wife of an IT architect. I work as a freelance graphic designer, but my main focus is to take care of my girls and make sure that their needs are met. It's hard being a mom and working at home, but I’m trying to do my best each day.

When I first started this blog, the main focus of this blog was money saving tips. However, I’ve recently decided to change this into a family blog that focuses more on the topics like our family’s experiences attending local Indiana events, parenting, education, books (my girls love books), DIY projects, product reviews (our family love trying out new things) and so on. We try to do fun things without breaking our family budget and we want to write about it on this blog.

In order to have fun without breaking the family budget, we use both paper & digital coupons. In addition to my husband's & my full-time work, we work side jobs to earn extra income offline / online. We use the extra income to purchase extra things and splurge. We discipline ourselves to work extra, save some, spend some and give some of our extra earnings. We're often asked “What do you do with the extra money you saved and earn?” The answer to this question is that, majority of extra money my husband and I earn mainly goes to our daughters’ extra activities (piano, violin & art lessons), pay for fun activities that we love, new book purchases(we love books), college savings and charity donations for causes that we believe in.

This blog is not the best place to find the latest deals or events.I occasionally post deals and events from time to time. However, almost all the posts that I write about are based on my family’s experiences & our way of enjoying life without breaking our budget. We might even throw in a giveaways from time to time so stay tuned.

We hope that some of our family’s experiences can help others to enjoy life without worrying about breaking the budget.