My First Finger Knitting

November 16, 2011

I’m not really a good knitter, so I looked around and found a way to make a matching hat & scarf by just using my fingers. I found a book called “かんたん&かわいい子供のゆびあみ” (Easy & cute finger knitting book for kids) online. It is a book written in Japanese that is geared towards kids. Oh, I forgot to mention that besides English, I can speak, read and write Japanese. Anyway, I followed the instructions and it was very simple. Although this book was written in Japanese, I think anyone can learn from it.  This book had many pictures & illustrations.

Once I was done making these, my oldest daughter was very happy! Look at the pictures below.  She wore these to school yesterday and her friends were asking if theirs can be made. My daughter now wants to learn finger knitting. I might finger knit with her during Thanksgiving break.

I love handmade stuff. If you have questions about my finger knitting, feel free to leave me a comment. I might even make a tutorial in the future on YouTube….

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