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Elves in our neighborhood

December 15, 2011

Oh my, little Elves are running around in our neighborhood. Over the last couple of days we’ve been getting door bell rings during our dinner time. When we open the door, there is no one standing, expect for the gift(s) sitting on our porch. The first night was a binder with 12 days of Christmas stories. Today was two wooden sea creatures for my girls to paint. We have an idea of who is doing this…. so we emailed one of our neighbors asking if it was them. Well, this is the response we received:  “On the Elves…well, I’ve heard rumors that there have been elf sightings in our neighborhood.  But I can neither confirm or deny that they’ve come to your house! :)”    How cute:-)  My girls are very excited and they truly believe that these little gifts are coming from Elves!