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BYOU Magazine Review

March 17, 2013

**Disclosure: I received a free copy of BYOU magazine for review purposes. I was not financially compensated in any way to write this post. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own observations while my daughter read the magazine. 

I had the opportunity to review a magazine called BYOU (‘Be Your Own You!’) with my oldest daughter today. It is a magazine that targets young girls ages 8-14. Just what I was looking for my oldest girl who is going to be 9 this spring. 

As soon as my daughter started reading it, she was glued to the magazine. I heard some great excitement, comments, shouts during her read as well. She also liked the article that discussed about facing fears that girls typically fear. She enjoyed the games, puzzles and a lot more. I think that this magazine truly relates to my daughter’s current interests. 

BYOU magazine definitely offers many positive messages that help young girls to be their own self. It is an age appropriate magazine that discusses many current stories/topics that girls can relate in today’s world.  It covers positive self-affirming messaging and stories. It is also great that BYOU magazine interviews  positive inspiring celebrity role models for girls can look up to. 

I believe that girls can be educated through this magazine, gain information, gain positive self esteem,  etc. So far, I am very pleased with the copy that I received. My daughter enjoyed reading it. I am glad that a magazine like BYOU exists. Sometimes it is so hard for me to relate to my daughter because things are a little different now compared to when I was in school. BYOU magazine will definitely help guide my daughter in a positive direction for the future. 

BYOU magazine is available in bookstores across the US & Canada. Subscriptions are available from  Since my daughter loved BYOU, I am thinking about getting a subscription for her upcoming birthday as a gift. If you have a daughter (ages 8-14), this is a great magazine for her to read. Girls need to be empowered and get prepared for the future. BYOU magazine can definitely be a part of many girls’ lives!

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