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My New Bench

March 28, 2013

I have been searching for a bench to put in our entrance through the garage. It is kind of a narrow space, so I needed a bench that had a seating depth of around 12″-13″.  Well, I looked everywhere and most of the benches I liked were very expensive ( $250 – $600  ). Anyway, I recently visited a friend and saw that her husband had made their own bench plus the cubbies and saved a ton of money. They got their plans & instructions from I immediately checked out the site with my husband and found a perfect plan for our bench. My husband worked on it over one weekend. He made the perfect bench that I always wanted. Not only that, it only cost us about $60 in materials. Just take a look at the picture below. We will be staining this bench to a dark brown color sometime in the next few days to match it with rest of our furniture in the house. I’m just so happy that we saved tons of money as well. If you are into DIY project and love to save money, I suggest you to visit .  I love love the site and I already have 2-3 projects lined up for my husband! No more buying expensive furnitures from the store! We will be making our own custom furniture from now on:-) Happy DIY and Savings!

My New Bench!