Lysol® Touch of Foam™ Review

April 8, 2013

**Disclosure-I received a full size bottle of Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash and 10 coupons for free from BzzAgent.  Although I was given the product for free to review, the opinions of this product is 100% my own honest opinion based on my experience using the product.

The package from Bzzagent

I’m a BzzAgent and got my first BzzKit from!  I received a full size bottle of New Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash soap  and coupons.  My family is used to using a liquid hand soap, so I was excited to try this new soap. 

I had my children try out the soap first and they loved it. My 4 year old usually has a hard time lathering liquid soap, so Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash soap really helped her out. One squirt gave her just the right amount that she needed. Also, her foam/lather never disappeared until she rinsed her hands. Both of my girls said,  “this soap feels so soft and smells really good!”  My 8 year old loved the smell so much that she did not want to rinse the soap off of her hands.  

I tried the soap after my girls and I loved it, too!  My hands felt very soft after washing. Nice smell lasted even long after washing my hands. This product also claims that it kills 99.9% of germs and Moisturizer-enriched micro-bubbles will leave hands very soft.  I’m a germ freak with sensitive skin, so this soap definitely serves me and my family well. In addition,  Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash soap are available in three great scents listed below: 

Creamy Vanilla Orchird – This is what I received and I loved it! 
Rose & Cherry in Bloom
Wild Berry Bliss


The only drawback that I noticed on this soap was that this soap seems to run out very quickly compare to a liquid soap.  Other than that I give this soap an A+!