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Recycled T-Shirt Necklace

April 12, 2013
I saw so many people creating their own necklace/scarf out of their old t-shirt, so I’ve decided to try to make one for myself. I watched the video on (T-Shirt Necklace with Queen Latifah)

and I kind of followed the directions on how to make this.

All I used for this project was 1 old t-shirt and a pair of scissors! No sewing was required:-) Just take a look at the pictures.  I cut my old t-shirt in loops, stretched every single one of them, and tied them all together with a leftover strip.

When I showed this necklace to my husband, he thought that I had purchased it from the store! I absolutely love this and it was a fun craft project to do with my daughters.  If you have some old t-shirts, make some pretty necklaces! It saves money and it’s fun! If you are really good at making a different variations of t-shirt necklaces, you could sell your t-shirt necklaces on Etsy to make some extra income as well.  Happy Crafting!