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The International Space Station

April 28, 2013

Yay, thanks to the local TV station WTHR-TV13’s Facebook post on last Thursday night, I got to see the International Space Station passing over the sky here in central Indiana!  I mean the International Space Station is so far out in the space, so you can only see a bright light moving fast over the sky, but it was an amazing sight. I wish my children got to see it:-(  It was around 9:42p.m., so my girls were already in bed….

Anyway, I did some research and found out that NASA actually has a free service called spot the Space Station. This service will  notify you of “good” sighting chance of the International Space Station in your area. I’ve immediately signed up:-) I am hoping that my girls can join me next time to spot the Space Station. I think this is a fun and a very educational activity for any children/adults. The best part of this activity is that it’s FREE! If you are interested in spotting the International Space Station from your backyard, try visiting for more information. Good luck!