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I Love ibotta!

May 1, 2013

**Disclosure: This post contains my referral links. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

I love love ibotta App that I downloaded onto my iPhone last month. It’s an App that offers you digital coupons/offers that gives you cash back. So far I’ve received payment of $10.75 to my PayPal account.

Got this for .89 cents

Here are some of the cash back I received:

Got this for .88 cents

Capri Sun at Walmart was rolled back $2.18 I got $1.00 from ibotta, so basically got it for $1.18

Smucker’s Squeeze at Walmart $1.89 ibotta cash back $1.00 Got it for .89 cents

Kool-Aid Jammers at Walmart $1.88 ibotta cash back $1.00 Got it for .88 cents

Kool-Aid Bursts $1.00 at Krogers $1.00 cash back from ibotta, so it was FREE!
and many more!

Got this for FREE!

In order to claim your coupons/offers, you’ll need to watch videos, read facts about products, take a quick survey and post your story on Facebook. However, these tasks are very easy and quick. They will only take you a few seconds.

They also offer bonuses, too! Below are the bonuses I received in the month of April.

-Newbie – $2.00  After claiming my first 2 offers

-Steddy Eddy – $1.00 After claiming at least one offer a week for 4 weeks

-April Showers – $0.50 For redeeming 4 offers in month of April.

-Friends – I have not earned this bonus yet, but you can get this bonus by referring your friends.

*I noticed that they consistently add different bonuses that you can earn.

I mainly check ibotta when I go out grocery shopping. I only claim offer(s) if the product(s) are on my shopping list. So far so good. They’ve had at least one offer that I can claim every time I go out shopping.

Oh and in order to get your cash back, you’ll need to upload your receipt and scan the product(s) upc code for poof of purchase. It is so simple and easy! Once you reach $10, you can cash out immediately right to your PayPal account.

If you would like to try ibotta, please follow my referral link: http://ibotta.com/r/ZY7SUw  I greatly appreciate you for following my link in advance. Please let me know how much you saved/earned after using this App. I would like to hear some happy stories:-)

If you have questions or need help with ibotta, please leave me a comment below. I will be happy to answer questions and would love to help you out.

Happy savings and earning extra cash in your pocket!