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Japanese Bento

November 19, 2013

My oldest one dislikes eating school lunches, so I’ve been making Japanese Bento (lunch) for her every day ever since school started this year. It is kind of tough waking up early in the morning to make lunch but so far, my oldest one has been very happy and pleased:) Just take a look at my pictures of lunches that I made for her.

It really is tough in the morning for me, but I realized that packing lunch every day has been saving our family a lot of money. Plus, all my daughter’s friends enjoy looking at her lunch everyday.

If you are interested in making Japanese Bento style lunches for your children, you can purchase the tools that you need by visiting Bento USA. I’ve purchased all my tools from Bento USA including the lunch box that you see on the picture.

Have fun making your kids’ lunches and start saving some extra money!

Happy savings everyone:)