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Yum! Sara Lee Pound Cake Review

December 22, 2014

Thanks to bzzagent, I was able to try out Sara Lee pound cake slices for free from Kroger using a coupon that was sent to me. I loved the fact that the slices were individually wrapped, so I could just eat one at a time. I topped my slice of pound cake with fresh fruits. Yum! It does come in frozen, so putting one slice in a microwave for about 10 – 15 seconds worked for me to quickly thaw. The cake itself is very soft, moist and tasty. I’m not a big sugary dessert fan, so this pound cake was the perfect afternoon dessert for me. My children loved the pound cake slices as well. They thought I baked them:) 
One slice only contains 150 calories, so I think it’s good for people who are concerned about their calorie count. I will give an A+ to Sara Lee pound cake slices!!! The box contains 6 slices in total and they were all eaten in no time at my household. I better get some more from the store soon. 
I’ve had a great experience with Sara Lee pound cake, but please know that my experience and your experience with this product maybe different. Although, I received this product for free of charge, I always write my honest opinion about the product based on my own experience.