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I love bargains!

April 13, 2015
I only paid $0.40 for these adorable
owl candle holders! 

Yay, I got these owl candle holders for only $1.19!!!! I love bargains. I also got $0.79 back for this purchase since I went through ebates before I headed over to the K-mart site.  Since I received Ebates money back, I actually paid $0.40 for this purchase.

Anyways, I noticed that on last Thursday I had 25000 surprise points in my ShopYourWay account for any outdoor living purchase from K-mart. (I’m pretty sure it is not for every item  because some of the items were not eligible… they have exclusions) I’m still confused about how surprise points works, but I usually make my order through online for store pick up, so that I know what product is eligible and what is not eligible by putting into my shopping cart online.

First, I went over to the Ebates website, logged into my account, used a link via Ebates to head over to the K-mart website. If you don’t have an Ebates account, you can sign up by clicking here. I would appreciate if you follow my link since I do get credit for referring friends:) Thank you! *You will receive a sign up bonus after your first $25 purchase via Ebates

Second, I shopped through K-mart online to make sure that I added qualified products for use with my points.

$0.79 cash back via Ebates for this purchase
My Kmart check-out summary

I didn’t want to go over $25, but these owls were too cute to pass up. Plus, I really couldn’t find other eligible stuff that I wanted. I also had $0.26 worth of points already in my account that was added towards this purchase in addition to free $25. I ordered one large and two small owls to decorate my outdoor space. I’ve already picked up my order from the local K-mart & Love Love Love them. Just take a look at my picture:) If you received the same surprise points as I did, head over to K-mart / K-mart online to see what you can purchase. Or if you like the owls I purchased, these are definitely eligible for purchase with the points for outdoor living. If you don’t have ShopYourWay account, it is absolutely FREE to sign up.

I’ve always had a great experience using ShopYourWay however, please understand that your experience may differ from mine. This blog is not affiliated with ShopYourWay or K-mart. This post was simply written by me (blog owner) based on my own experience and I thought it would be a good idea to share. Please always do your own research before signing up with a new site.