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Loom Knitting

December 9, 2015

My oldest and I enjoy loom knitting. We always get compliments on the hats that we make and wear. These are the slouchy hats (see the photo’s) that we have made so far this year. We gave some away as birthday gifts to friends & family as well. Sometimes, people ask us if we are selling them. However, I often need to decline requests.  I wish I could sell hats, but I have been dealing with arthritislike symptoms / pain in my fingers, so it’s very difficult for me to make a ton of hats. My oldest can loom knit, but she is busy with her homework, piano & violin practices for school. We only loom knit hat as our hobby.  If you are into DIY, try making your own loom knitted hats. It is very easy and many tutorials videos are found on YouTube. You may even be able to make some extra income out of selling your own hats! Good luck! 

Happy Loom Knitting Everyone!