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My Savings at Kmart

January 13, 2016

Wow I have been saving a ton by shopping at Kmart. First of all, I purchased these two items from Kmart and only paid $1.54! Early last week, I’ve noticed that in my Shopyourway account, I had $5 worth of surprise points good towards 100oz tide detergent. I also noticed I had $5 worth of surprise points for women’s clothing for a purchase of $5 or more. Then, my husband gave me a $5 award card / gift card that was given to him by a total stranger while he was at Kmart. Whoever gave my husband this card, Thank You! Anyways, after applying the discount, surprise points and using award card, my total came to $1.54! Not only that, since I went through Ebates to shop at the Kmart online store, I received .50 cents cash back on this purchase. My out of pocket purchase total $1.04. I ordered online to pick them up at the store, so the shipping cost was FREE!  

My second purchase at Kmart this week was $21 and I actually received $22 back in points, sweet! I received an email and a postcard stating that members get $20 back in points when you spend $20 or more on a qualifying purchase at kmart or I guess I was purchasing the right things. I’ve got $20 plus extra $2 in points that were given by applying another coupon. I don’t know if that was supposed to happen, but it worked on the website. If you are already a member of shopyourway, you may want to check this deal out. This deal expires 1/22/16.

I am only writing this post based on my own experience. This deal perfectly worked for my purchase, but it may not work for you. Please be responsible for your own purchase using this deal. As always, they have restrictions / exclusions, so you need to read or talk to the customer rep at Kmart. 

I received this postcard in the mail.

Some people I know have a negative view towards Kmart, but I think Kmart is a great place to shop if you are looking for some ways to save. If you haven’t used Kmart’s rewards program, Shopyourway, it’s worth checking it out! 

Happy Savings Everyone.