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My little girl’s new favorite book!

January 4, 2018
Our new hobby is meeting book authors and getting their autograph. Last month, I stumbled upon a book signing event scheduled for author Sarah Cannon and her new book, Oddity. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about this author or her book, but a photo of her new book cover caught my attention. I learned more about her book online, read the description and realized that it was perfect for my youngest daughter. Sure enough, when I showed her some sample pages from Amazon, she wanted to read the book and meet the author. 

We attended the event on December 2nd, 2017. We are so glad we did. It was our first time going to the Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore as well and my girls went crazy! Such a cute bookstore for book lovers of my children’s age. Anyways, author Sarah Cannon was friendly and my little girl was so happy to meet her. Oh, and she loved my little girl’s light-up llama sweater!!! You can see the video of my little girl on Sarah Cannon’s author Facebook page. It was a great experience attending the event. 

My little girl started reading Oddity as soon as we got home from the book signing event. She couldn’t stop reading it. When she got to the chapter on Zombie Rabbits, she loved that chapter so much that she read it out loud to me. Very interesting, definitely “odd”, but in a good sense. My little girl said that this book has action, humor, creepy, weird… everything that she wanted in a book. She was definitely engaged in reading this book the whole time. Sarah Cannon has grabbed my daughter’s heart. My little girl’s excitement towards this book made me want to read it as well. However, I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly signed book so I purchased a kindle version for myself to read. Yes, it is a middle grade book, but I’m a big kid at heart. Plus, I get to discuss this book at a deeper level with my little girl when I’m done reading it.

If you are looking for middle grade reading for your child, I highly recommend this book. Just for reference, my youngest is a third grade girl (8) and an advanced reader. She loves anything creepy, action, funny and so on. My little girl also said that Oddity has become the #1 on the list of her favorite books. If your child has the similar interests as my little girl, this book may be perfect for your child

Just to clarify, I was not asked to write this post. When my family and I love something and we believe in it, I write on this blog. In addition, I especially love supporting local Young Adult, Middle Grade and Children’s book authors of Indiana. 

Happy Reading Everyone!