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We met Author Ann M. Martin

January 21, 2018

I am super happy that my girls and I got to meet author Ann M. Martin a couple Saturdays ago. Ann M. Martin is most known for her series The Babysitters Club. She was visiting Indy to celebrate her latest paperback release of the book, Rain Reign. My girls and I actually read this book when it was first released in hardback so we were thrilled to hear her talk about the book.

Rain Reign is about a girl with Asperger’s syndrome and her dog named Rain. I don’t want to spoil the details of the book, but I would like to say that Rain Reign is a heartwarming book. A great book for teaching kids compassion, empathy and how to think about others. It is well written and easy to read for both adult and middle grade children (3rd / 4th grade and up). If you haven’t read Rain Reign, I highly recommend this book.

During the Q&A talk, my little girl got to ask a question. She asked, “What are your favorite homophones?” (If you read the book you will see the main character Rose’s obsession with homonyms / homophones.) Ann M. Martin’s answer was that her favorite homophones are the ones she wrote in her very end of the book, soared (sword). This Q&A talk was amazing. My girls and I have more appreciation towards this book and feel more connected with the author. We will cherish this experience forever.

After the Q&A session, we were able to get our books autographed. My girls and I each had our own copy from home, but we also purchased a couple of more books from Kids Ink Bookstore as well. While getting our books autographed, Ann M. Martin took the time to briefly talk and take photos with us as well. My teen girl and I were very happy to tell her how much we loved Rain Reign. My little girl was very happy to tell her favorite homophones which is Right, Rite, Write and Wright. My girls’ each got their Rain Reign book signed. Yes, I purchased two copies because my girls are in love with this book and they each wanted their own signed copy of the book. I had my A Dog’s Life:The Autobiography of a Stray book signed. It’s an excellent book about the life of a stray dog. The message she wrote on my book was so cute. I got a “woof” from her. 

This free event was hosted by the Indianapolis public library @ Glendale and the Kids Ink Bookstore. I am very thankful to both the library and Kids Ink Bookstore for hosting this event. If you love books and wish to meet book authors in Indianapolis, check out their calendar of events to see who will visit Indianapolis in the near future.

Happy Reading Everyone!