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John David Anderson’s new book Granted

February 13, 2018

Yay, author John David Anderson’s new book, Granted, is finally out! It’s a story about a fairy in training named, Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets. My daughters and I are big fans of his books. We’ve been patiently waiting for this book to come out ever since we found about it last year.

My original plan was to purchase Granted at his book signing event that is scheduled at Kids Ink Children’s bookstore on February 24. However, my girls and I just couldn’t wait to read it so I purchased a kindle version of the book this morning. Well, I conveniently had an Amazon gift card that I earned from Swagbucks plus a digital book credit from Amazon, so this purchase was totally free for me. The money I saved today will go towards the actual hard copy of the book that I will purchase on the day of his book signing event. My girls and I can’t wait to meet him for the third time. Yes, we’ve met him before:)

My girls are at school for the moment. I’ve started to read a couple of chapters…. oh my I’m in love with this book already and I know my girls will as well. The first two chapters are hilarious. How he came up with the names of the fairies are clever. I wanted to keep reading it, but I have to work, so had to stop at end of chapter 2. Can’t wait to continue reading it tonight. Oh no, by then my girls will be home and we might fight over who gets to read this book first. I need to figure something out!

Anyways, if you are looking for a middle grade fiction book, check out Granted. The book is geared towards 8-12 years old. If your child likes fantasy & magic, this book may be a perfect read for your child. And if you a big kid at heart like me, I’m pretty sure that you as an adult will enjoy this book.

Happy Reading Everyone!

This is not a sponsored post, but is meant to support the local Indiana author John David Anderson.