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Mother’s Day Gift

April 18, 2018

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I love receiving sentimental gifts on Mother’s Day from my daughters. In the past few years on Mother’s Day, I have been receiving very unique memorable gifts. They have given some hand drawn pictures, personalized photos and so on. I feel that as I get older and more mature, it’s not all about materialistic things. It’s about building memories and things that you can cherish for years to come.

Yes, I am a mom to two girls. However, I am also a daughter to my mom. I have to admit that despite wanting gifts for myself, I have been giving my mother last minute gifts (flowers) for the past few years. May is very busy month for us and I always end up sending her a last minute gift(s). Sometimes flowers, sometimes chocolates, things are not sentimental…… oh yes, flowers and chocolates are nice, but at the same time flowers don’t last long and chocolate will be eaten / gone in no time. You can only enjoy them for a short quick period of time.

This year, I am going to change that. I am planning ahead to give her more sentimental and memorable gifts that she can cherish for years to come. One of the things that I am thinking about is a couple of pictures of our family transformed into canvas prints. I believe that personalized photo gifts can become treasures for anyone. Don’t you think? Plus the canvas prints will last a lifetime. Since we live so far from my mother, she misses us. I have a ton of photos on my computer, but I’m pretty bad about sending her photos. Since she doesn’t get to see her grand-daughters very often, I hope that Mother’s Day will make her day extra special this year. I’d imagine that she will be happy to have a couple of our family photos printed on canvas. She will be able to decorate her wall with her favorite family photos that she can treasure forever.

If you are considering to give more thoughtful gift(s) for Mother’s Day, why not consider giving your special mom personalized photo gifts. This will be a great excuse to get your memorable photos off of your camera and phone as well. Also, don’t limit yourself this Mother’s Day for just moms. Mother’s Day gifts can be given to mother figures (any woman who has impacted your life), pet moms and so on. Give the special woman in your life a special, personalized gift(s). Start choosing your personalized gift option by getting stared at the CanvasPop page here. Take a look at their page and see what special personalized photo gifts that you can create for your special woman!