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Book Review of “Sloth at the Zoom”

August 5, 2018

My daughters and I recently read “Sloth at the Zoom” aloud. Thanks to NetGalley, I received access to this title’s ebook (ARC) in exchange for an honest review. My daughters are older, but when my daughters and I see a cute picture book, we just can’t resist reading it.

“Sloth at the Zoom” is written by Helaine Becker & Illustrated by Orbie. It’s published by OwlKids Books. This is a story about a sloth being sent to the fast-paced Zoom instead of the laid back slow-paced Zzzzzoo. Although the sloth isn’t in her comfort zone being at the Zoom, she seeks friendships. However, no one will stop to befriend her because the other animals are moving too fast and they are just too busy. Then she finally meets a snail that is at her speed. It’s a sweet story. I think this book can be a fun way to teach children or act as a reminder to busy adults that we all can slow down & enjoy life.

It was hilarious when my daughters decided to read the dialog between sloth & snail aloud very sloooooowly. This is an easy to read & beautifully illustrated picture book. We had so much fun reading it. We give this picture book five stars!!!!! My girls are asking me to purchase a physical book when it comes out on August 15, 2018! That’s right, this book will be out in 10 days. My girls said that this book is going to be on their list of “must get signed books”. We’ll have to see, but they would like to meet the author and the illustrator in the future. Hope it will happen one day.

If you would like to learn more about this adorable book, visit the author’s page by clicking here.

Happy Reading Everyone!

**Although I received free access to this title’s ebook (ARC) from NetGalley , all opinions are 100% mine based on my own experience reading the book.