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August 20, 2018

Author / Illustrator Dav Pilkey & his wife, Sayuri, kindly sent us a special package. They loved our food art that we posted on our Instagram ( @poppincents ) so they were very kind to send us gifts. A couple of our food art photos were reposted on their official Instagram account (@petey_haw_haw ) as well.

Our youngest daughter received an author’s copy of signed graphic novel, DOG MAN: Lord of the Fleas, along with other goodies in her special package. She was extremely happy when she saw it! I (mom) thought that I was taking a video of her opening the package, but the video was OFF!!!!!  Bummer. Oh well. When she was opening the package, she kissed & hugged the book. She was extremely happy. I had tears of joy and tons of gratitude toward Dav & Sayuri.

The official release date for DOG MAN: LORD OF THE FLEAS is on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018!  We are grateful that we got to read the book early! This book definitely is another great addition to the DOG MAN series. Our daughter is absolutely in love with it. She has already read the book five times since the package arrived. We’re sure that all DOG MAN fans will enjoy reading DOG MAN: LORD OF THE FLEAS when it gets released on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018.

We are forever thankful to Dav & Sayuri for the special package! They’re amazing people. We hope they keep doing what they’re doing to encourage children to read books. We hope that one day we will get to meet them again.

Happy Reading Everyone!

This is NOT a sponsored post. This post does not contain affiliate links. We’ve simply written this post to show our experience & our gratitude towards Dav and Sayuri. All opinions expressed are ours.