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How to make Origami Li’l Petey

June 28, 2020

This video shows how we created the Origami Li’l Petey! This origami is dedicated to our friend, author and illustrator of the DOG MAN series, Dav Pilkey!

折り紙 リトル・ピーティーの折り方 (著者デイブ・ピルキーさんの本『ドッグマン』に登場する子猫のキャラクター)

Origami Li’l Petey folds created by: 明美 & 梨愛 at Poppin’Cents

*Do not use any clips of this video without permission. Share the link by using YouTube’s “SHARE” button located under the video. Do not sell/re-sell/re-upload this origami folding method or finished origami. We created this video hoping that parents/caregivers to spend quality time and have fun with their child(ren). The origami can be used as a finger puppet / bookmark for personal use.

Music: Splashing Around by The Green Orbs Free Music from YouTube Audio Library